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The Concrete Jungle School of Fighting makes it easy for anyone to find their footing and master the craft of mixed martial arts. At our premier mixed martial arts (MMA) facility in El Paso, Texas, you can learn proven martial arts techniques that are mixed with Muay Tai and Russian Sambo tactics. Our MMA programs are also influenced by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Western-style boxing, making our programs some of the most well-rounded in the area. With help from our skilled trainers, you become an effective competitive fighter.

At The Jungle, we offer both Children's MMA Programs and Adult MMA Classes. Start on your journey with our MMA experts today and have the tools you need to take on the challenges of tomorrow. Call today to learn more about our Kid's Mixed Martial Arts and Adult Classes.

Your child will develop confidence in their own athletic ability with our Children's Mixed Martial Arts Program. Call today for more information about our Kid's MMA Classes.

Find out how you can use your own body as the ultimate weapon of war.

Take down the competition with this refined form of mixed martial art.

Defend yourself against any attacker with Jiu Jitsu skills.

You will develop confidence in your own athletic ability with our Adult MMA classes.

Get fit while also learning how to defend yourself.

Fight for success and you’ll achieve your goals

You will study, train and fight your way to the top of your personal mountain at our MMA gym. With the help of our mixed martial arts trainer, you will learn:

  • Proper form and techniques for success
  • Mental concentration and self-discipline
  • Humility, respect and patience

Whether you’re a novice at formal physical training or an experienced athlete and fighter, you’ll discover a level of focus and fitness that you’ve never experienced before at The Concrete Jungle School of Fighting. Sign up for MMA training at our El Paso, TX gym and you’ll have the tools you need to conquer all.

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Take one step into The Concrete Jungle School of Fighting and you will take note of our friendly staff, our inviting atmosphere and our focused fighting curriculum. Whether you’re looking to compete or not, you’ll reach your goals at our MMA gym.

Let’s find a class that will meet you (or your child’s) needs. Come down to our mixed martial arts gym in El Paso today and sign up for a free, no-obligation introductory class.

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