Teaching El Paso How to Focus, Fight and Succeed

About The Concrete Jungle School of Fighting

The Concrete Jungle School of Fighting is the largest MMA facility in El Paso, Texas. Nicknamed ‘The Jungle,’ our experienced MMA trainers will take you on a challenging and rewarding ride. We provide specific MMA classes that offer a mix of all the following techniques:

  • Russian Sambo
  • Muay Thai
  • Western-style Boxing
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Freestyle Wrestling

No matter what type of discipline you prefer, you’ll learn invaluable skills and techniques here at our MMA gym.

About our owners, Isaac and Bianca Olmos

About our owners, Isaac and Bianca Olmos

Not only do Isaac and Bianca Olmos love each other, they love mixed martial arts. With over 50 years of combined martial arts experience between them, Isaac and Bianca know what it takes to teach and lead individuals to success. Both have led fighters through countless competitions, helping them find the right techniques that work for their individual goals.

Isaac Olmos started training at the age of 7 with Master Y.H. Lee in the art Tae Kwon Do. Master Lee was the liaison between the U.S. and Korea for the World TKD Federation. Isaac, at the humble age of 11, was promoted to Black Belt by the Korean Kukkiwon and become the youngest black belt in El Paso. And that’s just the beginning of his story.

Throughout the years, he has trained with famous instructors and learned countless different techniques. These disciplines are apparent in his teaching strategy at The Jungle. Now, he is helping others learn a Mixed Martial Arts system that is based on technique and finesse rather than athleticism and strength.

Almost any person, regardless of physical fitness or athletic ability, can learn his MMX tactics. If you’d like to learn more about The Jungle, Isaac or Bianca Olmos or any of the classes offered at our EL Paso MMA gym, call us today.