Your Little Fighter Will Be the Biggest Threat on the Mat!

Your Little Fighter Will Be the Biggest Threat on the Mat!

Learn about our children's & Youth MMA training in El Paso, Texas

Mixed martial arts is a great option for parents looking for a beneficial activity for their kids. Not only does MMA fighting focus on physical strength and stamina, it encourages the development of mental strength as well. Your child will learn patience, humility and respect alongside more physical skills like agility, speed and balance.

At The Concrete Jungle School of Fighting, our youth classes utilize the best combination of Muay Thai, Russian Sambo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Western-style boxing. Soon, your little one will be able to:

  • Learn proper self-defense
  • Build their self-confidence
  • Develop friendships with others
  • Stay active year-round

With our refined teaching methods and friendly MMA trainers, your child will be sure to succeed.

We like to make fitness a family affair

Many parents opt to take our cardio kickboxing course while their children attend their own MMA class. These classes are held at the same time for your convenience. Come on down to The Concrete jungle School of Fighting and see what time options are available for our kids MMA training classes in El Paso, Texas.