Our Coaches

Striking Coach Tony Lewis

Former street fighter from Baltimore, MD (Home of the Mighty Mighty Ravens and The Wire). Army combat veteran and husband with 10+ years in various combat forms. After the Army started in the Kokoro Ryu combat team under Joe Provencio. Based in kyokushin karate. Trained in MMA in "The Training Room" under Robert Holguin. Between injuries and life, moonlighted at various gyms competing in grappling tournaments and smokers. Placed 3rd and 4th at grapple-fest (no gi).

Always looking to train hard, get beat down, learn, and beat down the next young lions to help them learn. Iron sharpens iron! Come to the jungle and play with the wildlife!

Alex Alvarez

I've been training MMA for four years now, all here at Concrete Jungle. I came in to the gym not knowing anything about any martial arts besides being a fan. Three months in I started to compete in local tournaments, even though I didn't win right away I kept on training until I finally got first place at NAGA after multiple tournaments. I would go on to win it again the following year. In that time I was asked to help coach at the gym for the kids and I was happy to do so.

Being a coach has helped me improve myself in and outside the gym, I enjoy helping kids learn to defend themselves and gain confidence more importantly.