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Professional trainers who respect the students levels and abilities. They are more than willing to start where you are and help you achieve what you thought you couldn't. The instructors have a knack for seeing a students potential and knowing how to help them reach it. The atmosphere is amazing, the training is challenging, progress is assured, encouragement is non-stop and everyone is so friendly:).

Cheryl G.

El Paso, TX

This is an awesome school!!! The instructors are very professional and always available to help the students. Every new student is personally welcomed to the class and quickly becomes part of the family. This is a great place to learn different fighting techniques, get a great workout and even loose a few unwanted pounds.


El Paso, TX

Concrete Jungle has become my new family. The owners Isaac and Bianca are always willing to take the time out to show proper form and technique and always willing to answer any questions and explain in detail for you to understand everything. The Jungle team members are always willing to help out as well. Thank you Concrete Jungle for helping me get into shape.

Randy S.

El Paso, TX

Been attending since Feb 2016 and this is definitely the best place I have trained at. Great place to learn self defense, get in shape, or compete. The instructors give excellent hands on instruction to all of the students in Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and wrestling. If you're looking for a place to push yourself mentally or physically this is it.

Caleb B.

El Paso, TX

Fun work out for the whole family. Great stress relief after a long day. Feeling angry at the world, go 4 three minute rounds on the mat with different opponent each time. If your still mad I'm sure some one will help you finish getting your aggression out. Sleep after the jungle is welcomed after a cardio class and a work out. Great gym to be apart of.

Faheed A.

El Paso

The place is awesome, great workout and experienced instructors! If your willing to learn they will teach you. I have only been going to this place for about 3 to 4 days and already love it! The environment and the people you work with couldn't ask for more.

Dayton H.

El Paso, TX

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